Microsoft’s BUILD conference is into its second day today and the company has already made quite a few interesting announcements for consumers and developers alike. Usually consumers don’t get to experience the products that Microsoft introduces for developers, they only get to experience what developers build using those products. Microsoft launch a new face detection API for developers but also put it to use on a new website which you can access so see if it can accurately guessing your age.

The idea behind this website was to create an experience that could be both intelligent and fun, and was capable of capturing the attentional of a truly global audience. Microsoft looked at the APIs it had available in the Azure Machine Learning Gallery which contains many finished products.

Microsoft found the ability of its face API to guess age and gender “particularly interesting,” and decided to use it for this project which involves a simple website that anyone can visit around the world to see if the API is smart enough to guess their age.

The website will let people upload their own pictures which is then scanned followed by the API making a guess about the age, users can also decide to pick photos from a web search obviously powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Results are not accurate all of the time, but it’s fun to try it out if you have a few minutes to kill, the website can be accessed at

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