air purifierIt is no secret that in China, pollution is a huge problem and while putting air purifiers at home is one way of keeping yourself healthy, stepping outdoors is a whole other problem. Masks are great, but they will constantly need to be changed which is why a new invention is currently being tested in Hong Kong in which this particular air purifier can be placed outdoors and can reduce pollution in its vicinity by as much as 40%.


The project, dubbed the City Air Purification System, is undertaken by two firms – Sino Green and ARUP. Basically as you can see in the photo above, their invention looks a bit like a bus stop and it was purposely designed to look that way. Users standing beneath or around it will be able to breathe in clean and purified air. How it works is that air is drawn into the device from the base, passed through a bag filter, and coming out from above.

So how much will this cost? Right now the companies are testing a setup measuring 2 meters by 3 meters along Hong Kong’s busiest streets and apparently one unit is expected to cost around HKD600,000. This roughly converts to around $77,000 which is rather expensive, but for the health of its citizens, the Chinese government should really consider it.

The companies plan on developing it further by adding smart controllers to manage its operating hours more efficiently, as well as introduce solar panels so that it can power itself, and a mist cooling system for those hot summers.

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