apple watch timeJust how hot is the Apple Watch, or how well will it sell? Now that is a difficult question to answer, to say the least, especially when you take into consideration how the tech industry could prove to be an extremely fickle animal. Having said that, a new informal poll of retail employees that were conducted by an analyst claims that those who have scheduled an appointment to give the Apple Watch a go beforehand would, in all probability, place a pre-order for the device not too long after.


I would suppose that one can argue that whether there is going to be a try-out or not before the official release, any fan of the Apple Watch would have already made up his or her mind to drop some serious coin for it a long time ago, and so, the try-out is but a formality, and to provide some relief from the curiosity itch.

According to Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, who paid a visit to Apple retail stores in the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend, he managed to speak to employees concerning the try-on appointments, and it does sound as though most of them would be more than willing purchasers of the upcoming Apple Watch. Does this mean that we could be looking at a 1 million pre-order range? Very likely, although nothing but patience will see how the cards are eventually played out.

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