apple watch_2The Apple Watch has yet to go on sale although pre-orders for the wearable have gone live over the weekend, but the question is how many units have Apple sold? We know that the Cupertino company has sold out its pre-order inventory resulting in shipping estimates pegged for June, so either a lot of customers purchased the device or Apple made too few.


As it turns out the latter might be true. According to a report from Slice Intelligence, they have estimated that Apple has sold 1 million Apple Watch pre-orders to date. However we should note that these are not official sources so do take it with a grain of salt for now, but that being said 1 million pre-orders is pretty damn impressive.

The digital commerce tracking firm went on to break down the numbers. According to their data, it seems that the black sport band model of the Apple Watch is the most popular with a third of customers going for that option. The second most popular would be the milanese loop at a quarter of customers, followed by the link bracelet at 14%.

It seems that Apple’s more luxurious options like the leather bands aren’t particularly popular. Now assuming that the 1 million number is correct, Apple would have bested Google’s Android Wear platform and its OEM partners. A report from February had estimated that around 720,000 Android Wear devices had been shipped in 2014. Those numbers have no doubt increased since then, but for Apple to accomplish a million pre-orders over the weekend is saying a lot.

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