send_directions_googleSay you’re planning a trip overseas where you might not necessarily have access to data all the time, which means that navigating your way around might be a bit tricky without access to Google Maps. Now there are ways for you to start saving offline maps in preparation for your trip, and Google has recently unveiled a new feature that makes it even more convenient.

Basically all you’d have to do is type “send directions” into Google’s website and a box will appear in the search results with a map on it. It will show your device’s current location along with the ability to search for the directions that you want, and when that’s all settled, click “send” and the instructions will then be sent to your phone.

From there you will be able to grab your phone and head out and have the directions all ready for you, which is more convenient and efficient than heading out and then typing in the directions. For those who prefer searching on their computer because of its larger screen will find this feature handy as well. Of course all of this will require the user to be signed into their Google account and have their device linked to it.

Pretty cool, huh?

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