When we think of automated home systems, our mind might jump to Philips and their range of Hue smart light bulbs that can be controlled remotely via smartphones. However if there was one downside to the Hue bulbs is that they were fixed in one place, meaning that you couldn’t take it with you on the go.

However if you’re after a more portable solution, the company has recently announced the Philips Hue Go which is a more portable solution and can also be controlled using your smartphone. As you can see in the video above (which is in Italian, but you get the gist), the Hue Go is shaped like a bowl and comes with a built-in battery that lets the user bring the light with them wherever they go.

The Hue Go’s battery is said to be able to last up to 3 hours and due to its unique design, it can be positioned in a variety of ways, thus letting you create different lighting situations to help set the mood you’re looking for. The light will connect to an existing Hue Bridge and can be controlled remotely via the Philips Hue iOS app, or other apps that take advantage of the Hue API.

Different lighting colors can also be achieved depending on your mood which can be controlled either via the app or a button on the device itself. It is expected to go on sale by the end of May or early June in the US where it will be priced at $99.95 each.

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