matrix-operatorLet’s say you’re too busy at work to run a personal errand, so instead of putting it off, how about if you could hire someone to perform just that one task? That’s apparently a service that Uber’s co-founder is working on dubbed “Operator”. The service has yet to be made official but some of its details have leaked, thanks to the folks at TechCrunch who have learnt about it from their sources.

Basically how Operator works is that if you want something done, type in what you want and send it. From there, “a human operator will then do the research to find the best possible solution for your problem and provide you with some options. Once you’ve confirmed what you want, they’ll place any online orders and phone calls necessary to make it happen, then chat to confirm with you and provide a stylish receipt right in the thread.”

Payment will then be made through your chosen method stored on file, similar to how Uber charges for their rides. In some instances, the Operator will provide the user with an in-app product catalogue in which the user can browse through it for the item they want. It is believed that some big retailers who might be participating in Operator might have dedicated Operators of their own to handle requests for items in their stores.

Operator isn’t the first service/idea that will run personal errands for people. There are services at the moment such as TaskRabbit which perform some of the features of Operator, although the main difference is that Operator seems like it might be able to handle more complex requests, but that’s just speculation for now. No word on when the service will launch, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

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