swarming-dronesRobots that swarm and unite as one mind can be a scary thing, especially when you take into consideration the various things it can achieve – in the movies, at least. Real life will still need to see plenty of homework done before something remotely of a robotic apocalypse happens. Having said that, the US Navy has started to test out what they call “swarm strikes” – that is, using a launcher to fire out multiple drones.


These “swarm strikes” are not missiles that will explode when it finds its target, but rather, it will function as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, that will be launched from a cannon (talk about getting a really huge head start!) and “swarm” in a co-ordinated attack. Boy, is this one way for the enemy to feel overwhelmed, and perhaps to raise the proverbial right flag when they lose morale upon seeing it.

It is also known as the Low-cost UAV Swarming Technology (Locust) programme, where wings on these drone will unfold the moment the drones are in the air, as they make their way to the target in formation. It is said that the US Navy has plans to demonstrate the launch of 30 Locust drones by the time next year rolls around, and we cannot wait!

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