lg-g3-lollipopVerizon Wireless, deemed to be the largest carrier over in the US, has not been up to scratch when it comes to introducing software updates to their plethora of smartphones that are in their stable. In fact, you can also say the same about the LG G3 flagship device which so happens to be one of the last carrier variants in the U.S. at the moment to pick up the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, now how about that? After all, it has already been two months or so since LG introduced the update to the unlocked versions of the handset, which means Verizon Wireless ain’t up to speed when it comes to delivering the update to its customers.

This particular update will see the introduction of a spanking new user interface layer, which will go a long way in improving not only fluidity, but also performance to a great extent. Of course, one should not sit back and wait for any kind of Material Design or stock Android-like visuals since LG did decide to settle for a different route where the new skin’s appearance is concerned.

One will still be able to check out the features of stock Android, and despite the rollout happening a few days back, it might take a while before it arrives on every single Verizon LG G3 unit.

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