Lawsuits between smartphone manufacturers is not an uncommon phenomenon for us. Apple and Samsung have gone into those deep dark valleys of courtroom often, but, this time the tug of war is happening between Chinese OEMs. Apparently, ZTE has sued Huawei for infringing its “Slow Shutter and Capture technology,”.

A few days ago, Huawei unveiled the P8, which boasted of unparalleled camera technology. Now, ZTE has claimed that Huawei P8 and MediaPad X2 bear a stark rip off from its Nubia patents. The company has pulled Huawei to court on the grounds of copyright infringement.

The first claim by ZTE involves the “Slow Shutter and Capture technology,” which is pointed at the light painting option present in the P8’s camera. The second patent, however, doesn’t look very specific, it is “Imaging and Mobile camera tech,”. Basing its claim on the previously mentioned camera technology rip offs, ZTE wants Huawei to cease manufacturing the devices. The company also published a statement on Weibo.

Taking help from Google Translate, the statement reads, “Nubian phone camera technology has been committed to research and development, and has started to obtain the relevant patents, we strive to promote the development of innovative technology to the mobile phone industry. Faced with a wide range of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. of plagiarism, we felt it was time to stand up and use the law to maintain order in the industry healthy competition.”

We see a lot of high intensity drama happening in this case. It would be interesting to see how this turns out as Huawei is keeping quiet on the matter until now.

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