volvo self-drivingA recent report revealed that Google’s self-driving car has been in 11 accidents since its inception, although it seems that this has been largely the fault of other drivers and not so much Google’s technology. However it does present a rather scary scenario and could potentially deter drivers from purchasing such vehicles in the future.

Recently a survey by Harris Poll was conducted to find out how many Americans would actually buy a self-driving car if it was released, and based on the results it seems that the self-driving car market is rather optimistic. The survey basically found that 1 in 3 Americans would not buy a self-driving car, leaving 2 out of 3 who would.

It turns out that the majority of those who said no also belong to the older generation aged 69 and above who accounted for 50% of the votes against self-driving cars. It also seems that Gen X and Baby Boomers were also relatively against self-driving cars as they accounted for 36% of the vote. That being said it’s probably going to be a while before self-driving cars are actually available for purchase.

As it stands there still needs to be a lot of tests conducted, technology refined, and even then after that there will most likely be a ton of regulatory hurdles to overcome, and let’s not forget that there will probably be new laws that need to be introduced along with updates to existing ones, but what say you? Would you buy a self-driving car?

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