There’s no denying the fact that autonomous or self-driving vehicles are going to be a part of our future even though they have quite a few hoops to jump through before they become totally mainstream. Many companies are working on self-driving car technology and countries that are interested in it are testing out the solutions. Later this year the United Kingdom is going to conduct tests on self-driving trucks on its motorways.

According to a report by The Times, Chancellor George Osborne is going to sign off on funding for this project, in which we will see convoys of up to 10 self-driving trucks drive just a few meters apart on the country’s motorways.

It hasn’t been confirmed as yet on which motorway the tests will take place but it’s reportedly going to be a stretch of the M6 motorways near Carlisle. That particular section doesn’t have many entry and exit points so managing these self-driving trucks will prove to be easier at this stage.

The report doesn’t mention which company or companies will be supplying the autonomous trucks for this project. Daimler is likely to be in there considering that it has already tested its self-driving Mercedes-Benz truck in Germany and has even received approval to start testing the truck in the United States.

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