Apple vs AndroidGoogle’s Android platform is always competing with Apple’s iOS to see which platform is more dominant. For the most part Android appears to be leading the way, although this will vary from region to region. However speaking of the US region, comScore has released their latest report and based on those numbers, Android is still clearly the leading platform.

According to the figures ending in March 2015, Android managed to snag 52.4% of the US smartphone market. That’s more than half but if we were to take a look at the previous quarter ending in December 2014, Android had 53.1% of the market meaning that they saw a slight dip of 0.7% which is admittedly not much.

However in the meantime it seems that this allowed Apple’s iOS platform to play a bit of catchup. iOS was sitting at 41.6% in December of 2014, but saw a 1% increase to 42.6% in March 2015. Granted this is still pretty far from Google’s 52.4% (a difference of almost 10%), but a good effort from Apple nonetheless. Presumably Apple’s handsets like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus had to do with it.

An earlier report by Kantar revealed that phablet sales in the US are on the rise and that it is largely thanks to Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However Kantar’s numbers revealed that Android commanded 58.1% of the US smartphone market which is a little different from what comScore is reporting, but either way it looks like Android is still leading.

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