nexus-9-notification-shadeUnlike smartphones which tends to have a smaller screen, the notification pulldown feature on Android tablets does not encompass the entire screen as it wouldn’t make sense. Instead users would have to swipe down the middle of the screen in order to access it. However at times it can prove to be inconvenient due to the way you might be holding your device.

The good news is that Google appears to be working towards changing that. With Android M, Google has made it so that the notification shade on your Android tablet is adaptive to where you are swiping down from. What this means, and as you can see in the image above, the notification shade can now be pulled down from wherever your finger is at.

This means that if you’re holding the tablet with your left hand, you can still access notifications by using your left thumb to swipe down from the top of the screen, thus accessing the notification shade. This seems to be more of a convenience feature rather than a groundbreaking one, but given that Android M appears to be concentrating more on the user experience rather than aesthetics, it makes sense.

This follows some of the other changes that Google has made to Android M for tablets which according to our previous report, includes the introduction of split keyboards and multi-window functionality.

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