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T-Mobile seriously shook up the wireless industry in the United States by going “uncarrier,” eliminating two-year contracts entirely and instead offering devices on an equipment installment plan. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint later followed with similar programs but kept their two-year contracts around as well. According to a new report AT&T is going to take a step in that direction by cutting back on conventional service contracts, apparently it will stop third-party retailers like Walmart or Best Buy from offering two-year contracts to customers.

AT&T hasn’t been quick to respond to T-Mobile’s move though, the uncarrier initiative has been around for over two years now and has morphed into much more than just getting rid of conventional contracts.

Even if AT&T stops third-party retailers from offering contracts it will continue to push two-year contracts through its own brick and mortar locations as well as its online store.

On the other hand retailers will be limited to either selling the devices at full retail price or selling them to customers on the AT&T Next program, which is basically an installment plan for 24 months.

The report does not make it clear when AT&T is going to officially announce this move. So far the carrier has neither confirmed nor denied whatever has been claimed in this report.

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