toshiba-chromebook-cb30-007While Google’s Chromebooks aren’t exactly powerhouses or are feature-packed, they do have the advantage in the sense that they are generally more lightweight in terms of its operating system which in turn makes it faster and less complicated to use. It is also cheaper which is ideal for students who might need a laptop to surf the web and type up assignments.

This is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that a report from Gartner has revealed that the firm is estimating that sales of Chromebooks this year will rise to 7.5 million. This is an increase from 2014 in which Chromebook sales amounted to 5.7 million, so for it to rise an additional 1.8 million in 2015 is pretty impressive.

Like we said its affordable price tag makes it an immensely appealing device for students or for professionals on the go who might not necessarily need a full-fledged operating system like Windows or OS X, and that all they need is a word processor, something to edit spreadsheets in, and the ability to go online to check their emails.

According to Isabelle Durand who is the principal analyst at Gartner, “Since the first model launched in mid-2011, Google’s Chromebook has seen success mainly in the education segment across all regions. In 2014, the education sector purchased 72% of Chromebooks in EMEA, 69% in Asia Pacific, and 60% in the US.”

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