In recent weeks apps like Meerkat and Periscope have skyrocketed in popularity and usage as they allow folks to live stream basically whatever they want to, and yes this is causing piracy headaches as well. Comcast wants in on the fun as well which is why the cable provider has launched a new app for iOS and Android which will let users beam live video back to their own TV or that of friends and family members.

Since Comcast is a cable provider this is obviously not open to everybody around the world. Even though anybody can download the app the live stream service is actually limited to folks who pay for Comcast’s Triple Play package, the cable provider might expand it to other customers in the coming months.

When the app is installed users have to punch in their Xfinity account credentials and then tap on “stream live” to start recoring. This is where users get to choose whether they want the stream to be sent to their X1 cable box or someone else’s.

Users can share streams with people in their contact list although they will need a number that’s connected to the Xfinity account, the recipient needs to have an X1 set-top box as well to view the stream.

Streams will always be shown in high-definition provided that the smartphone they’re being broadcast from has a strong network connection, otherwise it will be a blurry and pixelated affair in standard definition.

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