ti5_compendium_progressDotA 2 is an extremely popular competitive MOBA made by Valve, and if you recall last year players of the game managed to raise over $10 million via the Compendium which has us wondering, will this year’s The International 2015 be able to reach that amount and maybe even surpass it?

Well if the recent figures are any indication, it certainly looks to be that way. According to the latest reports, it seems that the Compendium for DotA 2 has managed to cross the $7.5 million mark in just a matter of 10 days. In fact there is about 90 days left to go for players to purchase the Compendium which means that there is a very good chance this year’s The International could surpass that of last year’s competition.

According to a post on the official DotA 2 blog, “We’re still working on building the second set of Immortal items, but they’re not quite ready yet. We know the most important aspect of these Immortals is their quality level, so we are also planning on spending some extra time polishing them rather than releasing them quickly.”

There are a variety of rewards that Valve will have for gamers for every milestone it reaches, with the next one being at $8 million. The “ultimate” prize for now is at $15 million and will see Valve reward gamers with a special Axe immortal and longform comic. This year’s competition is expected to take place from the 3rd to the 8th of August, so if you’d like to donate or see the rest of the rewards, hit up the Compendium website for the details.

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