Joby_S2_4If companies like Amazon have it their way, drones in the future could very well help deliver packages to our doorsteps, thus increasing efficiency. However it seems that apart from being used to deliver packages and used to capture photos and videos, there could be more use to drones than we thought.


That’s exactly what Joby Aviation is planning to do which is to take drones and use them for less conventional means, such as using them as a personal transportation device. The company has been working on a two-seat electric aircraft since 2005 and are now exploring the idea of creating transportation drones for people.

Speaking to ReadWrite, Joby Aviation’s CEO and founder JoeBen Bevirt was quoted as saying, “If we can build an aircraft which is quiet, safe, and efficient, and you get door-to-door at five times the speed of ground transport, it will radically change life.It will have a transformative effect.” It’s a rather grand idea but one we reckon will face a lot of regulatory hurdles.

After all the FAA is reluctant to allow drones to make deliveries of inanimate objects, so we can imagine they will be even more resistant to the idea of drones used to deliver human beings. That being said, Bevirt and his company aren’t alone in thinking up new ways of human transportation. A couple of years ago, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk came up with the Hyperloop transport system which basically sends people down connecting tubes. The system is currently in testing thanks to a test track that is being built.

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