Apple has not yet opened an official retail store in the Middle East despite the fact that its products are quite popular in the region. It was reported in August last year that the company is going to open a store in the Middle East come 2015, and the location was later revealed to be Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Already known as the home of everything “world’s largest,” according to a new report Dubai will also play host to the world’s largest Apple Store.


Dubai currently has the world’s largest shopping mall and the tallest building in the world, so the world’s largest Apple Store will merely be another feather in its cap.

According to The Khaleej Times, Dubai’s Apple Store will cover over 50,000 square feet and will be located at Mall of the Emirates.

The store is reportedly under construction and is expected to open its doors to customers in August 2015. It will be located close to the Fashion District inside the Mall of the Emirates with the main entrance possibly accessible from level 2.

If this is indeed true, Dubai will be taking the crown from London’s Covent Garden store which spans across three floors and covers 40,000 square feet.

Apple has not yet confirmed if its store in Dubai is going to be its largest in the world.

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