microsoft edgeLast month Microsoft finally gave a name to their upcoming browser for Windows 10 and called it Edge. Prior to that it was known as Project Spartan and earlier reports revealed that the browser would support extensions. This hardly comes as a surprise since most browsers these days offer support for extensions.

However if you’re hoping that extension support would arrive for the mobile version of Windows 10, you might be disappointed. According to the official Microsoft Edge Twitter account, it has been revealed that extensions for the mobile version of the Edge browser might not be supported at the start.

The Microsoft rep handling the account writes, “It’s a long term goal but initial release will be PC only. More constraints like UI real estate, memory, power.” What this means is that if you wanted extensions support, don’t hold your breath, but at the same time we guess we can take some comfort knowing that Microsoft does have plans for it in the future.

We suppose that is fair since it is unclear as to how Windows 10 will handle on phones in the future especially on a grander scale when it is released to the public, so it makes sense that Microsoft will want to scope out the situation first before deciding on what’s best. In the meantime is anyone else disappointed?

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