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We all remember the recent Google Maps-Apple controversy that created quite a stir online. Apparently, due to a security loop, someone posted an image of Android bot peeing on the Apple logo in the Google maps.

Sadly, that’s not the only instance of users were squandering the Google’s editing tool. Due to the dilapidated condition of the map, the company was forced to tentatively shut down the editing tool in order to escalate the fight against bad edits.

The Map Maker’s homepage now greets users with a pop-up message that informs users that the service will not be available starting May 12.

The “Learn More” option on the tool transits users to a message by the Map Maker team, which further explains users that it initially tried fixing the problem by expelling the automated approval and community moderation. The ever increasing backlog of edits soon became unmanageable for them to handle as it was dependent on case-by-case basis.

Due to all the aforementioned failures encountered by the company, the tool is now being forced to shut down completely. There are chances that it might bring back the tool as soon as it clears the long queue of edits and enhance the moderation system in a more manageable way.

The increase in the pranks can also be credited to the heavy press coverage of the incident, but on the better side, it will enhance the moderation system on the Map Maker.

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