Update – It appears that Google has removed the image when you navigate to those coordinates. No official statement has been made either.

It is no secret that Google and Apple are rivals. Both have mobile operating systems of their own, both have regular operating systems, both offer similar services, so safe to say that both companies are competing with each other in more ways than one. Both companies have also not been shy about offering up disparaging comments about their rivals.

However according to a recent sighting by Team Android, it seems that Google has taken their rivalry with Apple to an all-new low. It seems that if you were to key in the coordinates to N 33°30’52.5″ E 73°03’33.2″ on Google Maps, it would take you to the outskirts of Rawalpindi, which is a city located in northern Pakistan where you will also be greeted by the imagery above with the Android mascot taking a leak on Apple, unless of course we are clearly mistaken and Google is helping put out a fire of sorts.

This applies to both the desktop version of Google Maps and the app version for mobile, so if you’re curious you should be able to view it across all devices. We’re not sure if this was inserted by a bored Google developer who clearly loves Android, or if Google had somehow known about this and decided to keep mum about it.

That being said despite this “joke” being rather immature, we have to admit that it’s a bit humorous to see publicly listed companies take jabs at each other in such a manner.

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