You may soon be able to purchase things online straight from Google search results, if a new report is to be believed. Apparently the Mountain View company is going to add a “Buy” button to results returned by its search engine in the coming weeks. Apparently this is an effort on Google’s part to compete with online retail giants like Amazon.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Buy button will be added on search results pages in the next few weeks. It says that the button is going to be displayed as part of sponsored search results for certain products.

Clicking or tapping on the Buy button in those sponsored results will automatically take users to that product page from where they can make the purchase. It will cut out the process of actually finding that product on another website and clicking through a couple of webpages before you’re finally allowed to buy that item.

The Journal says that Google will merely work as a bridge between the retailers and the customers. Retailers themselves will sell and ship products, Google will have no part in that, Macy’s is said to be in discussions with the company to take part in the launch.

It’s said that Buy buttons will remain limited to sponsored results and that they will not be displayed next to conventional search results, and that initially they will be limited to mobile and won’t be visible on desktop searches.

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