There is no limit to which people will not go to tinker with their gadgets and that’s not a bad thing because we then get to see what the devices we use on a daily basis are really capable of instead of just sticking to what they’re advertised to do. Take Dave Bennett for example, he wasn’t content with his LG G Watch just running Android Wear so he took things into his hands and got Windows XP running on the smartwatch.

Windows XP is by no means a new operating system. It came out over 13 years ago and Microsoft has already ended support for this OS and is desperately trying to get people to upgrade to an OS that’s still supported.

To get Windows XP running on the LG G Watch Bennett used the Bochs emulator to run a very lean version of Windows XP, “we’re talking only 100MB in size,” he says. To achieve this the GUI was left out with the windowed command line being left behind.

Bennett agrees that there is no practical use of running Windows XP on the LG G Watch, only that it’s a proof-of concept and nothing more. You can see in the video that the touchscreen functions when the cursor is moved, but that’s just about it.

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