It came to light a few months ago that Microsoft was working on a brand new web browser that is being built from scratch to replace the ailing and ill-fated Internet Explorer. That browser now has a name, Microsoft Edge, and it will be released alongside Windows 10 later this year. There has been speculation that Microsoft might bring Edge to other platforms like OS X, iOS and Android but the company has made it clear that Edge won’t immediately be available for rival platforms.


The company has never completely denied the possibility that this is never going to happen, it leaves the door open, saying that it’ll wait and see whether it makes sense to port Edge to other platforms.

Microsoft cleared this up during one of its Build Tour events on which it has embarked upon following Build 2015. At one of these events it was asked if Edge would be released for platforms other than Windows, Microsoft says it’ll wait and see before making a decision.

There’s a reason why many are asking this question, Microsoft has recently ramped up its software assault on rival platforms by releasing key apps and services across multiple platforms so it’s natural to assume that it may do the same with Edge.

As it stands, Microsoft is devoting all of its time and resources to get Edge ready for Windows in time for the summer release. After that, the Redmond company will see if it makes sense to go down this road.

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