When it comes to YouTube, you know that there are millions and millions of videos to choose from. The thing is, which particular video should you spend your time to watch? While the common answer that would spring to mind would be cat videos, you might be surprised to hear that Minecraft happens to be the most watched game where YouTube is concerned.


Why are Minecraft videos just so darned addictive? With the virtual Lego game being the most searched-for term, right behind “music”, on YouTube, figures from YouTube video research firms Newzoo and Octoloy did show how Minecraft material managed to rake up over 3.9 billion views on YouTube in March 2015 – and this was for that particular month only.

Basically, Minecraft happens to be a game that one can get easily obsessed with, and whenever you are knee-deep in something, you would want to do all that you can in order to learn more about it, and watching YouTube videos happen to be one of the methods in this day and age. Having said that, just how many hours a day do you dedicate to watching YouTube videos, and out of that figure, have you allocated any to the viewing of Minecraft videos?

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