If you’re an owner of a swanky 4K TV then this news is going to make you pretty happy. Until now the 4K segment has been yearning for exclusive shows tailored as per its pixel requirement and finally Netflix has taken the first step in the league of catering 4K television. The video-streaming service is offering its indigenous shows like Daredevil and House of Cards in 4K video quality.

These shows will only be available to the subscribers with the premium $12-a-month plan. There are not many Android TV devices in the market that can stream 4K videos and the other devices are merely surrogate players, and are not out and out Android devices.

Some of these surrogate devices that support Android TV are, Sony’s fancy smartTVs that come embedded with Google’s set-top box, NVIDIA SHIELD set-top box that has no set release date until now but is the only Android TV player that supports 4K player. Unfortunately, all the original Android televisions are limited to 1080p resolution.

Netflix’s upgraded app also includes support for Dolby Digital Plus pass-through, which enables compatible devices to transfer surround sound information via single HDMI cable to a TV, and from there to the receiver. Until now the pass-through was only possible on the Nexus Player by taking the APK from a Sony TV. The update also enables Android TV to continue playing the content behind the homescreen. Sadly, the new update does not bundle in voice-search functionality for the Android TV launcher.

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