Microsoft is going to roll out an update to OneDrive for Windows Phone today. The update will bring in support for Cortana search, which will enable users to go through their OneDrive files by giving voice commands to Cortana. In a blog post, Microsoft details the features that will tag along with the update.

The blog post states, “Finding files in your personal OneDrive with Windows Phone couldn’t be simpler. Now, in available markets, you can just go to Cortana and quickly find that note you jotted down or that beautiful vacation photo. It’s as easy as talking to Cortana and saying, “OneDrive search for Hawaii sunset photos” to find pictures from Hawaii that were automatically recognized as sunsets. Or you could even search for a specific word or phrase that is buried deep within an Office document or PDF.”

The new update has pretty good reach for Cortana’s features, it will provide users with better ways of searching for files or other stuff on their Windows Phone. Moreover, other functionality such as searching a photograph by its location tag will be an added attraction, for example, if the user says ,“Paris Eiffel Tower photos” then Cortana will instantly fetch the photos that come under that radar. So, it is like you’re actually talking to your personal assistant and all you use is meaningful phrases, which pretty much sums up Cortana’s utility.

Microsoft will begin the roll out later in the evening, as of now we can’t find it on the Windows Phone Store. Users got to wait till evening for the update to hit their devices.

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