samsung suitCould it be that one day in the future, wearing robotic suits in the military or just going about our everyday lives could become commonplace? Perhaps, and it looks like Samsung wants to help build that future. According to a patent discovered by Patently Mobile, it seems that Samsung is toying with the idea of building their very own robotic suit.

As you can see in the image to the right, this suit isn’t so much a suit like what Iron Man wears, but more like an exoskeleton that would be able to give its wearer enhanced abilities. According to the patent, it mentions how the suit could be attached to different muscles on the leg and through the use of a sensor, it can detect which muscles the user is trying to use and help enhance it with the suit.

The patent also mentions how such suits could come in handy for military purposes, while also mentioning that it could be used by workers in factories where heavy objects need to be lifted. It also states how it could help the elderly walk. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such suits. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that a bank in Japan equipped some of its older employees with such suits to help them in lifting stacks of money.

However as is the case with all patents, it’s really hard to tell if Samsung will eventually make this robotic suit a reality, or if they were simply toying around with the idea, but it is definitely an intriguing direction that company is taking.

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