shazamvisualleadA report back in March revealed that Shazam had greater plans than just being known as the app that identifies music. Well it looks like those plans have since been revealed as the app has recently been updated where it is now capable of identifying more than music – it is now capable of identifying physical products.

Now before you get too excited, it should be pointed out that not every physical can be Shazam-ed. First of all the item would need to either feature a Shazam printed logo or a QR code in order for the app to identify it. This means that this new functionality of Shazam will be very limited at the start.

So far the company has teamed up with the likes of Disney, Levi’s, and HarperCollins in a bid to demonstrate what it can do in hopes that more companies will hop on board in the future. So what’s the point of using Shazam on an item that you can physically see and hold? Well for example in the case of Blu-ray boxes, using Shazam on it will bring up additional information about the show/movie as well as being able to play the show’s trailer.

The idea is to allow firms to connect better with customers, and in a time where more of our purchases like TV shows, music, and movies are becoming digital, having an additional way of interacting with physical products will help spice things up a bit.

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