Sonos audio systems are quite popular for the ease of use they offer, not to mention the fact that the audio quality is not bad as well. Users are able to synchronize music throughout their house if multiple speakers are spread across different rooms, to play a different track in each of those rooms. The potential of Sonos is unlocked when you’re using a multi-speaker setup and now the company is making it easier and cheaper to get such a setup up and running.

The company today announced that it’s selling a new bundle, a 2 Room Starter Set, for $349. The bundle includes two Play:1 speakers.

You are certainly under no compulsion to place both speakers in different rooms, you can easily create a proper stereo experience by placing both Play:1 speakers together.

If you were to purchase both Play:1 speakers separately it would cost you $399, so with this bundle you get to save $50, that’s certainly not a bad deal.

The bundle offers speakers in either black or white colors. Sonos is selling the bundle through its website as well as through major retailers which include Best Buy and Amazon.

Sonos also revealed today that it’s working to improve the audio quality offered by the Play:1 through a software update which will be released in the near future.

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