So LED light bulbs are becoming pretty common these days and we have companies such as Philips who are making these light bulbs smarter by allowing them to be controlled via a smartphone. That being said it isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the idea of embedding a speaker into a light bulb and it looks like Sony has decided to hop onto the bandwagon.


The company has recently announced the LED Light Bulb Speaker over in Japan and as its somewhat unimaginative name suggests, this is a light bulb that comes with a Bluetooth speaker embedded into it. What this means is that you will be able to illuminate your room and play music all at the same time.

Also given that lights are placed around your house, technically you could embed speakers all over your home, or perhaps in a particular area of your home like the living room, your bedroom, or even the kitchen. The device itself comes with a 360-lumen bulb that can also be controlled via a smartphone app and there is a remote that pairs with the bulb via NFC.

It’s actually a pretty neat idea and if you love the efficiency of combining two gadgets in one, the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker will be going on sale in Japan come 23rd of May for around $199. No word on if or when it will launch stateside.

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