SoundCloud may be one of the best online services to stream music from for free but apparently it’s not doing enough to keep labels from pulling their music over licensing issues, that’s precisely what Sony Music is doing. Sony is yanking its music off of SoundCloud, which include some big name artists like Kelly Clarkson, Adele and Miguel after it didn’t reach an agreement with the streaming service.

Sony appears to be troubled by the fact that SoundCloud doesn’t offer labels many options to make money from the music that’s hosted on the service, which is why it has decided to pull all of the music.

In a new report by Billboard it’s revealed that music from over half a dozen artists has already been removed and if things continue this way it’s very likely that music from other artists signed to Sony will follow suit.

It is too soon to say right now whether this is a negotiation tactic that Sony Music is using to make SoundCloud agree to its terms or if this is a result of negotiations failing. If it’s the latter, SoundCloud users will be unable to access quite a large quantity of music from some of the world’s biggest stars.

In a statement provided to the media SoundCloud has said that it is in ongoing conversations with the label, adding that through On SoundCloud it has already paid partners over $2 million.

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