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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk Just Released His First EDM Track On SoundCloud
What do you do when you’re a billionaire and CEO of several tech companies with seemingly too much time on your hands? If your name is Elon Musk, then perhaps releasing an EDM track on SoundCloud could be a good way to pass the time, which is exactly what Musk did when he released a song called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”.

SoundCloud Introduces Music Distribution Tool For Artists
In a bid to be more user-friendly to the countless independent artists that upload music to its platform, SoundCloud has now introduced a music distribution tool. The tool will enable artists to distribute their uploaded music to other services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Instagram, and Napster.

SoundCloud Allows Direct Track Sharing To Instagram Stories
SoundCloud is great for discovering music from established and upcoming artists and the company is now making it easier to share your discoveries on Instagram. Starting today, tracks from SoundCloud can be shared directly to Instagram Stories. The only caveat here is that the tracks are shared as a link which will show up in Stories.

SoundCloud Will Now Allow DJs To Directly Mix Its Tracks
While SoundCloud might not necessarily be the streaming platform on par with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, the platform has managed to carve out a rather niche section of the market where it appeals to those who enjoy EDM, and for indie musicians and DJs who upload their own mixes to the platform.


SoundCloud Go+ Now Offers Lossless Music Streaming
SoundCloud launched its own music streaming service called SoundCloud Go back in 2016. It made some changes to this service in 2017 and added a new tier called SoundCloud Go+ which cost $5 per month. The original $10 tier was renamed SoundCloud Go+. The company has announced that SoundCloud+ now does lossless music streaming.

SoundCloud Reportedly Close To Selling Stakes In The Company
With more music streaming services entering the market, such as Apple Music which has the resources, experience, and connections of Apple, it isn’t surprising that some of the smaller music services that were around before are having a hard time trying to compete. SoundCloud is a great example, where we’ve heard that the company has been trying to sell itself.

SoundCloud Debuts ‘The Upload’ Music Discovery Feature
When it comes to music, there are different types of music listeners out there. There are some who prefer listening to what they know, and there are some who love discovering new tunes, new bands, new artists, new genres, and so on. If you fancy yourself to be in the latter category, SoundCloud might have something for you.

SoundCloud For iOS Now Supports Chromecast Streaming
Just because the Chromecast is a Google-made device doesn’t necessarily mean that it is locked to Android devices. Google knows this and the company has so far done a good job at allowing their apps and services to be used with non-Android devices, such as its Chromecast streaming device.

Apple Music Has More Active Monthly Users Than The Competition
It goes without saying that Spotify is the king of music streaming as last we heard, the company was boasting 50 million paid subscribers. This is compared to the competition such as Apple Music who last we checked had about 20 million subscribers, although we imagine those numbers have probably increased by now.

SoundCloud Could Sell Themselves For As Low As $250 Million
Before music streaming services became so popular, there existed SoundCloud that was launched in 2007, which some felt could have been a slightly more modern take on MySpace after the social networking platform became a place for bands and artists to post their music online for their fans to stream.

SoundCloud Go Gets Cheaper At $5 Per Month
It has only been a few months since SoundCloud launched its music streaming service called SoundCloud Go and the company has now announced that it’s making some changes to this service. It’s adding a new tier that will called SoundCloud Go, same as the old one, but it’s going to cost $5 per month instead of $10 and it obviously won’t provide all of the features of the original tier. […]

Google Could Be Considering Acquiring SoundCloud For $500 Million
SoundCloud is a great platform if you’re looking for indie bands or if you’re looking for song remixes. Could it be a good complement to Google Play Music? Possibly, which is why a report from Music Business Worldwide (via 9to5Google) has suggested that Google could be considering acquiring the company for a whopping $500 million.

SoundCloud Will No Longer Remove DJ Mixes
If you’ve ever listened to a DJ mix, you’ll probably have realized that it’s essentially a mashup of a bunch of different songs that have been seamlessly blended together to sound like one song. This allows the DJ to transition from song to song without breaking in between, and also allows the DJ to add their own effects and twist on things.

Spotify May Not Buy SoundCloud After All
It was reported a couple of months ago that Spotify was in “advanced talks” with SoundCloud over a potential acquisition. Not much was said about the potential deal after that and if a new report is to be believed, it appears that Spotify has given up on the idea of buying SoundCloud. One of the reasons why it may have decided not to pursue this acquisition is said to be […]