SoundCloud happens to be one of the widely used online services for listening to music. Established, upcoming and amateur artists alike upload their tracks on the service so that fans from around the world can stream them whenever they want, wherever they want. Up till now the experience has been ad-free but that ends now. The launch of On SoundCloud was announced today which will allow creators to make money from their work. For listeners, this means advertisements.

The idea behind On SoundCloud is actually very simple. Initially ads will only be attached to songs that are uploaded by SoundCloud’s Premium partners. The artists will have to give explicit permission for this and for now advertising will only be featured from select brand partners. Ads will be included gradually and more advertisers will be featured as On SoundCloud grows, they’ll be played in between tracks.

One thing SoundCloud hasn’t revealed as yet is the number of Premier partners and it is only accepting those users in the program which it has invited. They’ll only make money when ads on the content are played in the U.S. however the Premier partner program will be opened up to more countries and more creators in the future.

Ads will likely appear first on ads by major artists before they are gradually scaled up. But it does bring an end to the ad-free experience as we know it.

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