eztvFor those who torrent TV shows, there is a good chance you might have heard of EZTV which is probably the place most torrent users go if they want to download TV-based torrents. Unfortunately it looks like these users will now need to look elsewhere for their downloads as the website has been shut down.

However it was not shut down by the authorities, at least it does not look that way. Instead it looks like it was the work of scammers who somehow successfully managed to conduct a hostile takeover of the website which led to EZTV’s founder and main operator, NovaKing, to call it quits.

How the scammers managed to take over the website is a pretty elaborate one that started with the scammers registering the same name over in the UK called EZCloud LIMITED. According to the report from TorrentFreak, “Using the EZCloud company details and by faking the director’s name, the scammers also managed to take over the EZTV.se domain through the EuroDNS registrar. NovaKing tried to prevent this from happening by alerting the registrar, but according to an EZTV staffer he was told to get a court order if he wanted his domain back.”

As it stands the website is still up and running, but is apparently being operated by the scammers who are distributing their own torrents. Whether or not these torrents are the real deal remains to be seen, but then again you probably shouldn’t be downloading them in the first place, right?

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