apple_patent_photographyBecause we all look different and have different complexions and also different preferences when it comes to camera settings, sometimes there really is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to taking photos. Someone more prefer their photos overexposed, some prefer it under, some prefer a wider aperture, and etc.

Well it seems that Apple has a patent that could possibly remember all your favorite settings based on facial recognition. The patent, which was discovered by PatentYogi (via TheNextWeb) describes a system in which your phone’s camera can recognize a person’s face and based on previous settings, will be able to snap that photo based on settings previously used.

So like we said if you’re someone who prefers using flash to take their photos, or a wider aperture, or exposure time, and etc., the system will be able to apply it to the camera when it detects that you’re in the photo. In some ways this will help enhance selfies since users won’t need to keep editing their camera settings each time the app launches.

Interestingly enough it seems that this patent was not invented by Apple. Instead it was invented by Ken Parulski who used to by Kodak’s chief scientist, but the patent is now owned by Apple since the company had declared bankruptcy and sold off its assets. However it is unclear if we’ll ever see this feature make its way into our phones in the future, but it could be an interesting feature if it did.

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