It’s not like Bethesda wasn’t expected to announce Dishonored 2 during its E3 2015 press conference but we didn’t expect that it will slip up and reveal its existence a day early. Merely hours before its press conference at E3 2015 is Los Angeles, Bethesda accidently confirmed Dishonored 2, which means that it’s obviously going to be announced officially by Bethesda tomorrow.


Dishonored 2’s presence at E3 2015 tomorrow has been confirmed through what appears to be a slip up with an open mic broadcasting on official Bethesda stream on Twitch.

The stream played host to a discussion which involved a presentation by Harvey Smith, which is the co-director of the original Dishonored title, and Arkane president Raph Colantonio. Smith had moved to France in 2012 to work on the title’s sequel with Arkane Lyons.

Towards the end of the stream one could actually hear someone telling the speakers that what they were talking about was actually being broadcasted over Bethesda’s Twitch stream.

It was quickly picked up by multiple news outlets and while attempts to reproduce the audio from the stream have been made, many have already been served with takedown notices for obvious reasons.

For the looks of it, Dishonored 2 is most certainly going to be announced tomorrow during Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference, which is going to go live at 6:45 pm PT.

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