Dishonored2LeakGamers, if you have enjoyed the Dishonored game by the guys at Arkane and Bethesda, you might be interested to learn that a sequel appears to be in the works. This is thanks to a recent screenshot that was leaked and made its way onto the internet, showing off the logo for the game, along with Bethesda’s and Arkane’s logos at the bottom right and bottom left corners of the screen respectively.


Of course when Bethesda was asked about the possible sequel, they replied with a canned response, stating that “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” Granted this is a rather vague response, but in the past we have seen studios and developers outright certain claims, so perhaps the idea of Dishonored 2 might not be so far fetched after all.

The splash page also shows a hashtag that reads, #DarknessofTyvia, which for those who are unfamiliar, Tyvia is the northernmost island in the Empire of the Isles, so perhaps that might give gamers a clue as to the setting of the sequel.

Also in the bottom right corner of the photo, you might notice a glowing blue light which has been speculated to be the light bar from the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller, suggesting that the game could be making its way onto next-gen consoles (no word on whether it will arrive for the Xbox One as well).

In any case if and when Bethesda/Arkane decides to make their announcement, chances are we will probably hear about it at E3 which will be taking place in the middle of the year, so check back with us then for the details. Until then we suggest you treat this as a rumor and try not to get your hopes up just yet.

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