devialet-phantomI suppose the French do happen to have a monopoly of sorts when it comes to fashion and design, and hence, it is far from surprising to hear that French speaker maker Devialet does come up with some exceptionally looking speakers and other audio equipment, although such aesthetics would come at a price, and a very high one at that. Having said that, having churned out high end audio equipment since 2007, these releases retail anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000, but Devialet intends to enter the mass market with its $2,000 Phantom speakers, although dropping two grand is also serious coin no matter how you look at it.

Making their way to the US market from across the pond, the Phantom speakers happen to resemble something more from the space age than being mere speakers here on earth. Touted to have the technical ability to replicate the sound and presence of speakers 20 times its size, it certainly packs plenty of punch, and need to be heard by your own ears in order to be believed.

It would be the analog-digital hybrid (ADH) technology that sees action within which will blend the smoothness of analog alongside the strength of digital amplification, while the audio chip within would merge a quartet of digital amplifiers and a solitary analog amplifier in order to deliver the kind of performance level it claims. Shipping to the US this summer, pre-orders for the Devialet Phantom are now open, with the 750 watt version going for $2,000, while there is a 3,000 watt version that will retail for $2,400.

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