roller coaster selfieLast month we reported that Disney World had started to ban selfie sticks from certain rides. We suppose this made sense as having a stick sticking out of a ride just to capture a selfie could prove to be dangerous for the person riding and for others as well. However according to new reports, Disney World could be considering banning selfie sticks entirely.

This is according to a report from Walt Disney World News Today, a website that reports on the ongoings at the park. According to the rumor, it would seem that park goers who bring selfie sticks are expected to check them in the contraband section after which they can retrieve them at the end of the day, or they will be asked to leave the park entirely.

It does seem to be a bit extreme but to highlight the dangers of selfie sticks on rides, a couple of days ago Disney California Adventure Park had to halt a roller coaster ride after it was discovered that a guest had attempted to take a selfie with a selfie stick. Like we said, this could prove to be dangerous in many different ways.

In fact Disney wouldn’t be the first establishment to ban selfie sticks. Previously we have see music festivals ban selfie sticks, along with museums, sports stadiums, and even Apple banned the contraption at WWDC as well.

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