dota_2As per our report yesterday, Valve opened up DotA 2 Reborn to the public. We noted that given that the game was still in its beta, there were bound to be bugs and certain aspects of the game that weren’t functioning as it should. Unfortunately it turns out that the bugs that were discovered were big enough for Valve is issue a new patch for the game.

Now the game itself weighs over 7GB in download, and this means that if you spent yesterday downloading the game, today you will spend more time downloading its 5.5GB patch. If you have a particularly slow internet connection then it looks like you could be out a couple of hours waiting for the patch.

According to the patch notes, it seems that the fixes for the game are pretty big. For example some of the issues that were patched include, “Fixed illusions being able to manipulate and sell items”, “Fixed Huskar causing significant framerate loss”, and “Fixed a crash when dire or radiant ancients are destroyed,” just to name a few.

For those hearing about DotA 2 Reborn for the first time, basically this is Valve’s attempt at giving DotA 2 a new set of graphics. The game will now run on Valve’s Source 2 engine and will also see an overhaul of the menu system, the user interface, and other aspects of the game, some of which are no doubt welcome by players.

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