Electronic Arts (EA) 2015 displayed multiple forthcoming games, the event showcased the Star Wars Battlefront footage, which involved an amazing ice battle between Empire and Rebel forces. It encompasses everything that a gamer would be delighted to see in a game like this. We are talking about ‘Walker Assault’ on Hoth.

The game has a mix of elements from the series and is all set to debut on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 17th. Let us dismantle the entire footage, we see X-Wings, lightsabers and much more. The battle shown in the video is a rip off from The Empire Strikes Back, recorded on Playstation 4.

It is a pre-alpha gameplay, which means that it is in its infant stage, but it looks so very cool, such high-end graphics and gameplay has not been showcased in the Star Wars franchise till date. It looks promising and leaves us wanting to see more. In the gameplay, you will see a snow speeder making its way and tripping the player.

We would leave it to you to see the footage and be ready to spot many ‘familiar’ elements in it. Towards the end you will see someone making an appearance, so we suggest that you watch till the end and let us know what expectations do you have with the game?

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