The world’s largest social network today announced a new version of Facebook for Android which uses significantly less data and works well across all network conditions, it’s aimed at users with low bandwidth particularly users in emerging markets. Facebook says that this new app has been built to ensure that users can get a reliable Facebook experience even when bandwidth is at a minimum.

Over a billion people from across the globe access Facebook using various devices. In many countries networks can be slow and unable to support all of the features that are found in the Facebook for Android app, this is where Facebook Lite for Android comes into play.

Facebook Lite, the app, weighs less than 1MB so it’s fast to download and quick to fire up on even the very low-end Android devices that happen to be quite popular in emerging markets. The app provides the core Facebook experiences such as status updates, photos, News Feed, notifications and more.

Obviously for enhanced functionality users can switch to the normal Facebook for Android app, provided they have enough bandwidth to access everything that it offers.

Facebook Lite is being rolled out today in countries across Asia. In the coming weeks it will be released in parts of Africa, Latin America and Europe.

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