SpaceX conducted a routine mission with the Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday, it was a resupply mission for the International Space Station. Unfortunately merely two minutes after liftoff the Falcon 9 rocket exploded in mid-air, fortunately though it was an unmanned mission so there was no loss of life. SpaceX is still trying to put the pieces together and because of this incident it has been forced to alter future planned launches.

The company had seven more launches planned this year including one in early August for launching the NOAA’s Jason-3 satellite to space, the satellite will aid the agency in tracking ocean levels and predict intensity of a cyclone.

SpaceX was also planning on demonstration the Falcon Heavy rocket later this year but it appears that this incident may force the company to alter that demonstration as well.

The company’s customers have reiterated support for SpaceX as they wait for all the details on what went wrong, with NASA rightly pointing out that SpaceX has already flown six successful missions for the space agency. “We know they can replicate that success,” NASA said in a statement.

Iridium Communications, which has a seven-flight contract with SpaceX, stuck to NASA’s line and said that it doesn’t have any concerns regarding the Falcon 9.

Elon Musk and co. are frantically working to find out what really went wrong and make any fixes if they’re required, so that the company’s investors and customers both can sleep more soundly.

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