samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_012If the rumors are to be believed, Samsung could be working on a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge dubbed the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Last we heard the rumors suggested that the phone could feature a display between 5.4-5.5 inches which makes it slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s 5.1-inch display.

However according to a report from the folks at SamMobile, they have heard from their sources that the upcoming smartphone’s display will be even larger. Assuming their sources have it right, the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (or whatever it will be called) could sport a display of 5.7-inches. This essentially makes it the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Now we have to admit we are a little confused. Samsung is slated to launch the Galaxy Note 5 later this year at IFA. The rumors of the Galaxy Note 5 claim that it too will sport dual curved edge displays and presumably it will maintain its 5.7-inch display as well, so with the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we’re not sure if the Galaxy Note 5 will be different enough to warrant another product launch.

Presumably the stylus will be one of the differentiating factors and possibly improved hardware, but is it really different enough for users to have to choose between both devices? Unless of course the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will sport lower-end hardware, kind of the like Galaxy Mega series which in turn makes it more accessible to those who wanted a dual curved screen phone.

In any case the rumors claim that the handset will be launched in Q3 later this year, but until we hear from Samsung officially, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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