So we know that Blizzard is working on the Eternal Conflict expansion for Heroes of the Storm and that it will be released come 30th of June. We also know there will be a new map with new mechanics, and it will also see the introduction of the Butcher hero. However at E3 2015, Blizzard revealed some additional details about the upcoming expansion.


First of all, the Butcher will not be the only new hero to be added to the game. It will also feature the Skeleton King and the Monk who will be the first support class hero for Diablo 3 in Heroes of the Storm. This brings the total lineup of Diablo characters up to 10, including Johanna the Crusader, Valla the Demon Hunter, Diablo, Azmodan, Sonya the Barbarian, Nazeebo the Witch Doctor, and Tyrael.

The update will also introduce an in-game treasure Goblin event, so it looks like not only will the new Battlefield of Eternity battleground have its own objectives, which is to help defend and defeat the other team’s immortal, but it will also have a treasure Goblin event for players to attend to as well.

The expansion sounds like a pretty hefty one and if you’re a fan of the Diablo 3 franchise, this is something you’ll definitely want to look forward to. In the meantime you can check out the trailer above to see the new heroes in action.

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