htc-one-m9-live-5Over the past few years, HTC’s design for their flagship smartphones has not changed much. This started with the HTC One M7 back in 2013, to the HTC One M8 in 2014, and to this year’s HTC One M9, and while there has been some subtle changes, basically we’re sure many are getting a bit tired of it.

Thankfully come 2016 HTC fans can look forward to something different. This was confirmed by HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang during the company’s annual shareholder meeting. According to Wang, she revealed that HTC will be introducing a brand new design and innovative new features for 2016’s flagship model, which at the moment is pretty much anyone’s guess as to what it could contain.

Hopefully with the new design it could help revitalize the company, much like what the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge did for Samsung. During the meeting, Wang also apologized for HTC’s poor performance. It was also at this meeting that the company promised that they would be introducing a new series of smartphones before the end of the year.

While it is unclear as to what we might expect from these new smartphones, it has been speculated that at least one of them could be a Windows 10 Mobile device. In any case we suppose it is good news that HTC will finally introduce a new design for its flagship, but is it too late for the company?

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