iPhone-6-review-8With companies such as Samsung and LG putting out devices with flexible displays, we’re sure some are wonder if and when Apple might decide to hop on board the bandwagon. Well if a rumor out of South Korea is to be believed, chances of seeing an iPhone with a flexible OLED display will be in the very distant future – 2018 to be exact.

Does it sound like a ludicrous rumor? Perhaps, but at the same time we suppose anything is possible. Apple had previously stated that they would not release iPads smaller than its original model, but they have since given us the iPad mini, and according to the rumors, we can expect a larger iPad Pro as well in the near future.

Apple had also famously refused to release smartphones with larger displays but if we were to rewind the clock to 2014, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, phones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays respectively. That being said the reasons behind those releases was that there was a demand for smaller tablets and phones with larger displays.

However there isn’t much demand for phones with flexible displays, at least not yet. While Samsung might be enjoying some success with the Galaxy S6 Edge, LG on the other hand is apparently not seeing such great numbers. That being said while the idea of an iPhone with a flexible OLED display might be a bit of a stretch, seeing Apple switch to OLED displays might be possible.

According to the source, they believe that OLED displays will be able to solve “existing weak points such as color saturation, accuracy, and brightness”. We suppose at some point in time Apple will have to upgrade the display technology, so really it’s just a matter of time. In any case take it with a huge grain of salt for now, but like we said this rumor is predicting a very distant future, so anything is possible from now until then.

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